Task which we will be Performing for simple program of Students Details system by using C, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, ANGULARJS ,JAVA, NODEJS ,ANDROID

Let Says We want to Develop Program for entering student details with its roll number, name , Address , Telephone , Standard .

We will Perform four operation on it.

  1. Save
  2. Update
  3. Search
  4. Delete

We will solving this problem in following technologies

  1. C using Link List
  2. Windows form + MSSQL database ( Windows application C#)
  3. C# + SQL database (.net Application , Web Application)
  4. PHP + MYSQL (Web Application)
  5. Android + SQLite (mobile Application)
  6. Android + WebApi (PHP) (Mobile App) (coming soon)
  7. angularJS + webApi (PHP)
  8. Angular 5 + WebApi (PHP) (coming soon)
  9. angular 5 + WebApi (NodeJS) (coming soon)
  10. Boostrap + WebApi (C#) (coming soon)
  11. ReactJS + WebApi (PHP) (coming soon)
  12. Dart + WebApi (PHP) (coming soon)

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